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The establishment of Al-Amwal Electronic Banking Services Company in 2008 to be a regional provider of innovative payment services, providing solutions for secure electronic payment gateways, payment card protection services, in addition to an integrated set of value-added services, designed specifically to suit the needs of the market and the growing demand for The services of this sector in the region, and it is also the processor of payment transactions, and it is the company that issues and provides payment cards in Iraq.


Key to Success

Outsourcing Card and payment activities, as well as ATM management, to a trusted partner such as Amwal can enable banks, merchants, individuals and other organizations to focus on their core business, maximize profits and minimize risks. As we inevitably head toward a cashless society, this is one of the most critical relationships a business can undertake. As a core component of its operations, Amwal seeks to establish successful, long-standing partnerships with and earn the trust of major financial institutions and other organizations

Amwal achieved this by:

Adopting the latest technologies:

Amwal’s solutions are built on state-of-the-art technologies in international payment systems and payment data hosting. By leveraging Amwal’s tailored, centralized and modular services, partners are able to offer their customers a full range of advanced electronic payment services.

Using top security standards:

Amwal has a PCI DSS V3.2.1 Certificate by the Board of Advisors representative of the PCI Security Standards Council.

Utilizing industry experience:

Amwal is driven by a team that includes key personnel whose backgrounds complement and complete one another’s to create a comprehensive understanding of financial needs on both the business and technical fronts

POS / Point of Sale Devices:

Through our extensive network that covers all governorates of Iraq, we provide our merchants with POS devices that work with GPRS technology, and are equipped with the latest technological features to accept various local and international payment cards, in addition to one of the latest payment technologies such as technology NFC / Near Filed Communication, or what is also known as the contactless payment technology, which simulates the technological development in future payment methods such as payments through smart cell phone devices and wearable cards


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Frequently Asked Questions

Amwal for Electronic Banking Services is an Iraqi limited private joint-stock company registered under the number (64001). And licensed by the Central Bank of Iraq under license number (6) for the year 2018.

Amwal for Electronic Banking Services is licensed as a principal member by both Visa & Mastercard.

Please call us directly at +9647811307999, or send us an e-mail at So our specialized team can get in touch with you.

Banking Sectors, large and small corporates, merchants, and retail sector.

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