Merchant Services

Point of Sale Devices (POS)

Through our extensive network that covers all governorates of Iraq, we provide our merchants with POS devices that work with GPRS or WIFI technology, and are equipped with the latest technological features to accept various local and international payment cards, in addition to one of the latest payment technologies such as technology NFC / Near Filed Communication, or what is also known as the contactless payment technology, which simulates the technological development in future payment methods such as payments through smart cell phone devices and wearable cards.

POS of Amwal For Electronic Payment Services

Cards acceptance

For the purposes of providing optimal services to your customers, we will harness all the payment devices of our company and spread throughout Iraq to serve the cardholders, which will enable them to make purchases and pay via the card. Also, since the card bears the logo of international payment companies, the card is accepted anywhere and at any time.

Local and Regional Settlement

Amwal conducts settlement operations related to internal transactions with banks and merchants, in addition to local or internal transactions, transferred or processed by card payment networks. The company also performs local or international settlement of transactions executed using cards at any of the points of sale or ATMs within the network of banks that deal with the company, whether those transactions are external transactions or dynamic currency conversion.

Amwal for electronic banking services

Amwal Payment Gateway

Amwal offers a feature service to its customers, whether to merchants or to individual customers, as it enables them to collect payments from their customers electronically through the Amwal Payment Gateway (Amwal Gate), which is an electronic payment gateway that enables the collection of purchases payments electronically.

Value Added Services

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC): Allowing merchants to offer foreign Cardholders the option to pay for goods and services in their own currency while merchants receive payments in their local currency.

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