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POC Of Amwal For Electronic Payment Services

Cards Issuance, Printing and Cards Management

The issuance of multiple Card types including Credit, Debit, Prepaid, contactless, wearables, Metal, Biometric Islamic, private-label and co-branded Cards in addition to Cards personalization and mailing. This is also compliant with multiple-payment schemes, EMV requirements.

Cards Printing

Over the past years, we have kept pace with all developments and worked to equip an integrated Perso Center, committed to all security and control standards, and it contains various printing devices that allow us to print all types of cards:

Amwal for electronic banking services

Amwal Company Also Provides:

The possibility of printing at the customer’s premises by providing the latest printing systems that allow the possibility of printing cards or what is known as Remote IssuanceIn addition to the possibility of providing our customers and their scattered branches with the Instant Issuance feature, which allows the process of printing and receiving the card immediately without waiting for it to be printed and delivered by the central printers at the bank’s administration.

ATM Of Amwal For Electronic Payment Services

ATM Management

Providing a full range of ATM services, including managing and monitoring ATMs, outsourcing to third parties to manage their operations and other value-added products, in addition to services related to personalizing the experience of using the ATM by the customer and management devices remotely. The ATM services provided by Amwal help manage the entire fleet of ATMs efficiently, and contribute to enhancing the cardholder’s experience, creating new sources of income, as well as reducing the total time used to carry out purchasing transactions, Reducing operational costs and system failures, and withdrawal services can be provided in the Iraqi dinar or US dollar currency or both at the same time on the ATM or what is known as the multi-currency service.

Prepaid Card

Amwal Prepaid Card is the perfect solution for customers in their daily and regular transactions, as it offers the dispensation of carrying cash and the risk of losing money, as the card can be used instead of cash with ease and safety, and payments are made at a wide network of points of sale in Iraq and around the world, including hotels, shopping malls, shops, restaurants, gas stations, and more.


In addition, Amwal Cardholders can use their cards to complete their payments when shopping online from any website or application as a secure payment method, thanks to the 3D Secure service, through which a one-time password is being sent by text message to the mobile phone when performing each transaction.

This include

Our value-added services :

Integration with Core Banking System

Ability to integrate with the Core Banking System / CBS as Amwal system easily supports the process of such integrations (or what is known as integrate with Debit Cards System) through the application of the latest special technologies This allows the transfer of financial transactions on the linked cards to the customers’ bank account.

Other Credit Cards Value Added Services

Amwal provides many other Value Added Services on Credit Cards for the Financial Institutions, such as the possibility of adding dormant fees on unused cards, Renewal Exemption fees, in addition to the possibility of granting an additional Credit Limit with a specific rate.


Amwal has a comprehensive set of reports that meet most of the requirements for special standard reports. The type of reports, frequency of report generation, method of delivery and time of dispatch, and custom reports can also be created according to your criteria and parameters.

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