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With an increasing number of consumers across the Amwal Company shifting towards settling their payments using electronic Cards, and by the latest global payment trends, financial institutions, wealth management corporations, payment service providers, and retailers worldwide must ensure that the Cards they offer their customers are secure, flexible and reliable to fulfill their payment needs.

About Us Of Amwal For Electronic Payment Services
About Us Amwal For Electronic Payment Services Company

Amwal Establishment​​

The establishment of Al-Amwal Electronic Banking Services Company in 2008 to be an innovative e-payment services provider, in order to provide solutions for secure electronic payment gateways, payment card protection services, in addition to an integrated set of value-added services, designed specifically to suit the needs of the market and the growing demand for The services of this sector in the region, and it is also the processor of payment transactions, and it is the company that issues and provides payment cards in Iraq.

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About Us Of Amwal For Electronic Payment Services

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