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POC Of Amwal For Electronic Payment Services

Prepaid Card

In addition, Amwal Cardholders can use their cards to complete their payments when shopping online from any website or application as a secure payment method, thanks to the 3D Secure service, through which a one-time password is being sent by text message to the mobile phone when performing each transaction.

Our Services

Fraud Monitoring, Controlling and Security Solutions

Providing customers with advanced security experience using the Expert Monitoring System (EMS), 3D secure services.

Electronic Billing Service

where Amwal provides the possibility of the integration with Central Bank of Iraq for the purposes of inquiring about invoices and collecting them electronically.

Merchants Facilities

Establishing the foundation for merchants based on their POS acquiring volume that permits the merchant to use or withdraw more than they have in their account, without exceeding a specified maximum negative balance.

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